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“Nicole has been an amazing and wonderful choice for my business. I have some core expectations of anyone I hire, first and foremost, being highly responsive. Nicole has done such a great job handling some of my customer processes, I feel confident that I can fulfill my client’s business needs because she’s got my back, AND, she’s actually caught some things I missed doing and made sure to support me in getting those done. When she isn’t clear on a process, she asks great questions. All this AND she’s just a wonderful person as well. I highly recommend her!” ~ Heather, business coach

“Nicole and I have worked together for nine years. The last three at a distance. She has proven to be 100% reliable, trustworthy, and competent. Easy to talk with I enjoy our conversations and appreciate her willingness to make changes as requested, research a topic or follow-up on an issue. I can always count on her to do what she said she would do. I highly recommend her with NO reservations.” ~Mary, author and educator

“Nicole loves administrative tasks and it shows the minute you start working with her. She is all about the details and making sure that they come together perfectly to ensure her clients are successful. Working with Nicole has allowed me to spend less time on mundane tasks and redirect more time to adding to the bottom line.” ~Jasmine, speaker

“Nicole is prompt, professional and eager to help small business owners manage time and tasks. Having Nicole as a virtual assistant has freed my time and helped my days run more smoothly.” ~Katja, educator

“Nicole is bright, reliable, prompt and thorough in her work. She learns quickly and easily and is a delight to work with. I highly recommend her without hesitation.” ~ Curt, financial planner

“Nicole has been my VA since 2012. I’ve worked with her on a weekly basis for the past four years despite the fact that she is half way across the country. Her expertise frees me up and allows me to focus on my expertise. She manages a variety of my tasks that range from tedious and time consuming to somewhat complex. Nicole is very efficient and I’ve found her services to be a tremendous value.”       ~ Rob, real estate broker

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